Making Cheese Garlic Bread with Honey Dip :: Secret to Creamy Garlic Sauce (Cheesy Garlic Breads)

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*** Please refer to the TIP at the bottom of the expected questions.

Unlike a pizza with a lot of toppings, it is simple and tastes better.
I made cheese bread.
It has a subtle garlic flavor and tastes really good when dipped in honey.
The ingredients are simple, so please make it!

*** Weighing is scale (g), rice spoon (tbsp), and teaspoon (tsp).

[2 pieces of 22cmx17cm (serves 2-4 people)]
✤ Dough
- 200g strong flour
- Instant dry yeast 5g (0.5 spoon)
- Sugar 8g (1 spoon)
- 4g (0.5 spoon) salt
- 15g (2 spoons) of olive oil for cooking oil
- 120ml lukewarm water

✤ Garlic Sauce
- 10g (0.5 spoon) minced garlic
- 20g (2 spoons) melted unsalted butter
- 30g cream cheese (1 large spoon)

✤ Toppings
- 280g mozzarella cheese
- Parmesan Cheese
- Oregano (optional) Parsley

✤ Dipping sauce
- honey
- Tomato Sauce

- This is the amount you can make for 2 breads shown on the screen.
- Parmesan cheese has a salty taste, so do not sprinkle too much.
- Gravity flour can be used, but the softness and softness are less.
- Cream cheese can be omitted, but it is more delicious to add.


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