Why I Just Know This Way, Make Puff Pastry Quickly Without a Refrigerator

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Hello everyone, this time I made an easy and quick puff pastry without a refrigerator, it can be used for bolen skin, it can be used for pie crust, it can be used for zuppa soup and so on...

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quick puff pastry
by @Vinastar Channel

100 grams/ml water
3/4 teaspoon salt
50 grams of unsalted butter
250 grams of high protein flour (high in gluten)
125 gram Korsvet / margarine pastry (vegan) / extra dry butter / butter sheet (non vegan)

Egg yolk or egg yolk substitute for greasing.
Sugar for sprinkling.
And my favorite jam for the filling.

Bake at 210-220 °C for 20&30 minutes.

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