Build a beautiful modern villa for fish

Don’t let your beloved fish be bored with the normal aquarium design, build a beautiful modern villa for fish. This villa aquarium idea will be a special gift for your beloved fishes. They can play and enjoy a fun time together. Watch the full video and learn how to build a beautiful modern villa for your fishes. ---- Materials: red brick, cement, sand, steel, ceramic tile, PVC pipe, small clay jar, electric drill, bamboo, marker, mini pump, pebble, paintbrush Paint color: light blue, yellow. ---- Please press Subscribe to update the latest videos and leave your comments! ----- Our 2nd youtube channel: ----- See more new ideas: ----- Follow us: Youtube: Fanpage: Pinterest: Website: Instagram: ----- Music By: ----- Contact us: #Aquarium, #VillaAquarium, No1ideas

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